Kaye's Day

Posted by Cara Edwards on 05/29/2014

While trying to decide what to write in my first blog, the perfect scenario happened, and I knew that was what I needed to write about.

As I was shopping in a department store, there was a woman that caught me at the end of the aisle as I was walking by. At first, I didn’t even think she was talking to me. She asked me what I thought, so I started walking over toward her and her husband. They had a rug lying in the floor and a couch cushion sitting on top of it. The woman said “You look like you know what you are doing”. I told her I was an interior decorator, and she got excited!

They asked me what I thought of the rug, if it looked alright. (Honestly, it was not what I would have chosen). I started asking what type of flooring they had, how large the room was, etc. The rug was too small to fit in most living rooms and I told them that.

Even though there were some of the same colors in the cushion as there were in the rug it probably wouldn’t generally look good in the room.  Not wanting to cause more trouble, I told them they should just take the rug home to try it.

The wife was explaining to me that she was trying to “lighten and brighten” their home. She had another pillow in her cart that was her “old” colors. It was the typical black, red and gold that a few years back were the most popular colors. She said that she was getting rid of the pillows. Well… that is when the husband really got mad and stated that they were NOT getting rid of the pillow as long as it was HIS house. That started a huge argument!  I smiled and quietly walked away while they were still arguing.

It never ceases to amaze me how people ask for my opinion, whether they are paying for it or not.  A few minutes later from across the store I could still hear them arguing. It was amusing that he was determined to buy the rug no matter what anyone told him. It would be interesting to see how the rug looked in their house!!

Too many times, husbands and wives can’t agree on how they should decorate their homes. They try to make literally EVERYTHING match. It would have been better for the space to use a more neutral rug. It doesn’t have to have the same colors in it.

When you ask your attorney for legal advice or any professional gives you their professional opinion, they usually know more about the subject from their many experiences than you would. Since the couple wouldn’t listen to my advice, they are probably STILL arguing about the rug!!